....... And call on me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me ... Psalms 50: 15 .............Welcome to .. Set Our Souls On Lord!!

Bob & Regina Wood

I have been allowed to Preach many revivals and I praise God for it.. I am a firm believer that revival is for the church and the church is for the lost and hurting.. It is my prayer to see the church glowing with the Holy Spirit and then to see the church go to work as evangelists.. Revival success is not to be measured only in how many souls are saved during the meetings but rather is to be seen in the life of the church in the months ahead.. We love the work as God's Christian .  Revival is becoming more and more everyday a major mission work. We would love to hear from you and be involved in prayer with you as you prepare, experience and celebrate revival in your church, your life and community. We love you and God certainly does.

We will be celebrating Revival with nice folks all year long. May God Really Bless You!

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We Challenge And Pray That Each One Of You Will Commit To Win One Soul To Jesus Christ Each Year.

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"I have used many types of music to God's glory, in the writings and devotionals below. In a church I pastored some years ago a lady discovered our piano had been in a beer joint prior to serving God and she was so upset. I explained to her that I like that old piano was not born in church but I was born again to serve God. So it is with the many types of music below. What a kick in the head for the devil, to see us, using buildings, music and more, that he felt he controlled; to be reborn to serve the Lord Jesus Christ!! "

This work is copyrighted.  It may be used as long as it is not made for sale in anyway, collectively or separately.  It is to be used in its original form without editorial.  It is not meant to be presented as perfect English but more so is meant to be a language of the heart.  The punctuation may appear to be grammatically incorrect but each comma has meaning placed as is.

There is a big difference in language and correctly spoken English.  Language is expressed from one state to another, as well as county, age group, ethnics, culture and much more and all in English.  A northern USA Irish American welder speaks quite differently than a Southern USA computer expert but all is spoken in English.  All of these will make an English professor pull their hair out but they really do not need hair anyway.

Psalms 45:1. My heart overfloweth with a goodly matter; I speak the things which I have made touching the king: My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.

"Poems, Encouragement, Illustrations, Writings and Devotionals"

1. Turn Loose To Hold On

2. I'm Not Ready

3. "Christian Motorcycle" Meant To Be

4. The Old Field Road

5. Gone Are The Days

6. "I Knew Two Brothers"

7. Time Has Come And Gone

8. What Is Your Fate

9. Proud Man's Prayer

10. Yesterday

11. They Had Been loved

12. To Be Set Free

13. Remember The Spring

14. To Build A Person

15. Teach My Eyes To See

16. Today Is Special

17. I Remember My First Day At School

18. He Shines His Love Upon Me

19. Let My Light Shine

20. Peace Be Still

21. Sunsets Are Pretty Too

22. I Have Found A Stairway

23. Troubled Waters

24. Love In The Air

25. In My Dreams

26. If I Could Change The World

27. Have You Ever Had A Day

28. I Never Saw

29. Love Is

30. Someday There Will Be No Night

31. A Special Friend

32. If I Could Be A Friend

33. Today

34. Will You Be Missed

35. Time

36. Jesus Can

37. Today Could Be The Day

38. What Is Life All About

39. Strange You Should Say

40. Destiny Inside

41. Dandelion Seed

42. Cup Of Time

43. Music Just For Me

44. Still This Earth Will Turn around

45. This Rest So Free

46. He's Still There

47. Candle Burning Bright

48. Forever And A Day

49. Love

50. This Day So Fair

51. Let It Be?

52. This Rock

53. The Wait Of Life

54. Last Night I Heard Jesus

55. Our Life Will Not Be Done

56. Whisper In The Air

57. When Your Ship Begins To Shake

58. I Believe

59. Which Is Your Highest Mountain?

60. God's Woods

61. A House Is Not A Home

62. "Christmas" Good Old Days

63. Flight So High

64. To Make You Happy

65. Tennessee River

66. Oklahoma Skies

67. Ozark Times

68. Kentucky Night

69. You're In Alabama

70. "Christmas" He Is Never Wrong

71. Snowflake Blessings

72. You've Chosen To Stay

73. A Crystal Tear

74. My Brand New Broken Heart

75. Begin With Me

76. I Am A Child

77. Forget About It

78. I Need Direction

79. I Remember My Dad

80. Flowers Of Spring

81. The Cave

82. The Mountain

83. Chapel On The Hill

84. Sunset In The Forest

85. Just For Me

86. He's Savior To Me

87. Loneliness

88. There Is Something

89. Don't You Know

90. Do You Remember

91. Friend

92. It Seems Life A Race

93. We Are Somebody

94. When I Awoke

95. We Two

96. Please Hurry

97. Only One

98. "Broken Heart" Remove This Fear

99. "Broken Heart" Risk The Cost

100. Remember Life

101. God Made You just Right

102. This Road We Travel

103. When Will It Be Light

104. Life's Pebbles

105. You Will Be Bright

106. "Encouragement" A Lifetime Is Not Too Long

107. Mission Not Impossible

108. Never Did He

109. Look At Life

110. "Patriotic" We've Seen

111. "Thanksgiving.. Thank God For Failures"

112. Some Are Afraid

113. Turn To The Day

114. Was that Your Hero

115. "Anniversary" I Can See

116. God's Good Life

117. "Anniversary & Love" Keep Shining

118. Tears As Rain

119. Flowers Of Friendship

120. Peace

121. While On My Knees

122. Smoking Or Non Smoking

123. This Day

124. "Valentine" What I like About Me

125. Stand In The Son

126. You Are A Rose

127. I've Got Troubles

128. This Side Of The Rainbow

129. Old Man All Alone

130. What A Dream

131. Foggy Life

132. This Day Is Through

133. Step Inside

134. My Roots Run Deep

135. We Laugh

136. Upward Look

137. Life

138."Encouragement" The Difference In A Day

139. Simple Pleasures

140. Daily To The Cross

141. He's In The Fire

142. A Smile Is

143. "Friendship" Soul Mate

144. It Is Time

145. You're Already Gone

146. Around The Next Dream

147. "Praise" More Than Good To Me

148. With Eyes Tightly Shut

149. "Encouragement" Life Is For Living

150. "Patriotic" Forgive Me Lord

151. "Merry Christmas"

152. Today With Tears

153. "Encouragement" Broken Heart

154. Never Been The Same

155. "Encouragement" Straws That I've Not Carried

156. Where Has Love Gone

157. "Encouragement" Accustomed To His Hand

158. Lord Today

159. What Part Of You?

160. Butterfly

161. This World Is Thumping

162. Have A Blessed Fourth

163. Broken

164. This Fleeting Day

165. Little Boy Yesterday

166. Dew Drop

167. Born To Be Mild

168. Spiritual Girdle

169. "Encouragement" He Will Rock You

170. Just Yesterday

171. The Sun Goes Down

172. Tested

173. What A Kiss Can Do

174. Sweet Home West Tennessee

175. Busy Is Not Your Life

176. Merry Christmas

177. His Fishing Bait

178. Work Of Art

179. This Morning Fair

180. "Encouragement" In The Valley

181. God Is Bigger

182. Pressure Power

183.Today Is Your Opportunity

183. There Is A River

184. Hope

185. Brand New Creature

186. Please Don't Judge Me

187. Throw That Mirror Away

188. Unbothered Snow

189. It Is Good For Me

190. Fitly Spoken

191. Our Lord Cometh

192. Yesterday's Tomorrow

193. "Encouragement" Loneliness Is The Worst Friend

194. Life's Tomorrow

195. Merry Christmas 2003

196. I Thank God He's Not Fair

197. The School Of Love

198. Today I'm Doing Time

199. Deliver Me

200. It's Where You're Going To

201. "Easter" He Is Risen

202. Lift Your Head And Don't Cry

203. The Last Grain Of Sand

204. "When The New Day Comes"

205. "A Matter of Time"

206. "One Million Dreams"

207. All Of My Life


209. Coming Home

210. "Shorter Each Day"

211. "Dare To Dream "

212. "Stay In The Box "

213. "It Could've Been You"

214."Let Me Live"

215."Another Day"

216. "Merry Christmas 2005"


218. "It's Impossible"

219. "Was That You"

220."Look Anew To The Dawn"

221. I Remember My Mammaw

222. "My Eyes Have Seen"

223."A Stable Life" Merry Christmas 2006

224. "Nothing Is The Hardest Thing I've Ever Tried To Do"

225. "Saggy Britches"

226."Sound Arising "

227."Winter Fell"

228. "Christmas 2008"

229." Are You Ready"

230."Glow In The Night"


232."Memorial Day"


234."Yesterday No More"

235."Merry Christmas 2009"

236."A Work Of Art"


238."The Noise Of Silence"

239."Today I'm A Little Lonely"

240."Accustomed To The Light"

241."A River In Me"

242."Merry Christmas 2012"

243."Love Came Softly"

244."It Was Just Yesterday"

245."Merry Christmas 2013"

246."I'll See You In Heaven"

247." My Permanent Record"

248." "

We are being squelched by measuring life in degrees of what we know and what we have, thereby discouraging the seeking of that which is new. This is evident when we are consumed with arguing about knowledge already attained, rather than that which is fresh. Knowledge should provoke and distill our minds not to become the stalemate.
Bob Wood 


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"Oh How I Love Jesus"

Let your Light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.

Matthew 5:16

In these days of Christian bashing around the world and very much so in the United States of America, it is more important than any other time in the history of mankind, for us to let Christ's light shine from our hearts.

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To All Who Are Working As Revivalist And Missionaries, As Well As Their Precious Families:

Luke 18:29-30

Verily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or parents, or brethren, or wife, or children, for the kingdom of God's sake, Who shall not receive manifold more in this present time, and in the world to come life everlasting.

Thank you for serving faithfully, and being obedient to God's call, to go wherever and whenever God tells you to. Thank you for having a tough hide and a soft heart. Thank you for preaching thus saith the Lord, and thank you for showing churches and people everywhere that God loves them, and that they can love and worship with the joy Christ intends. Thank you for sharing a smile and loving the unlovely at times. Thank you to your families for often leaving family and friends behind, because they know they too must be in the will of God. Thank You Heavenly Father, for sending your Son Jesus Christ, the True Revivalist and the True Missionary, Who also followed your perfect will, that we all may have Everlasting Life!

Ask God For Revival in Your Life Today!!

Bro. Bob Wood

May God Really Bless You!!!
































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